Don’t Knock the Rock

In Solidarity with Francis and the Papacy

Like his recent predecessors, but even more so, Pope Francis is under siege. His opponents are both external and internal. The basic problem is twofold: The popes are proclaiming the word of God to a world and parts of the Church that are unwilling to heed it. A gap has grown between what is taught by the pope and Scripture, and what is disseminated and actualized. Francis insightfully articulated the temptations and offenses of pastoral workers in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium. What the media reports on the pope is grossly slanted. The diverse charisms and integrity of the modern popes is unprecedented. We will consider the priceless pearls of the popes that too often escape our notice and efforts.

Topics include:

What We’re Missing: The Unprecedented, Complementary Brilliance of the Modern Papacy

Pope-pourri: The Enduring Message, Legacy, and Contemporary Relevance of Each Pope

Becoming Pope-ular Rather Than Popular: Transcending Malaise, Mediocrity and Ideologies

A New Spiritual Springtime: Benedict’s and Francis’ Call for a widespread biblical renaissance

Adam & Eve: Overlooked Biblical and Papal Teaching on Sexual Identity, Vocation, Morality

Papal Discernment: Recognizing/Responding to Unprecedented Papal and Pope-ular Challenges